Peace Camps

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Peace Camps are a form of physical protest camp that is focused on anti-war activity. They are set up outside military bases by members of the peace movement who oppose either the existence of the military bases themselves, the armaments held there, or the politics of those who control the bases.

  • Faslane Peace Camp is a permanent peace camp sited alongside Faslane Naval base in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. They are protesting against Trident, the British Nuclear weapons system which consists of 4 nuclear powered submarines, each armed to the teeth with enough explosive plutonium to end the world (all true). This is the sole reason for their existence and as such, those living here have put their personal lives, for the most part, on hold to live here and campaign. They are always happy to welcome people who are interested in the issues and want to help them out a bit with camp life like chopping wood, painting caravans, repairing structures... They especially like to host people who are interested in making mischief with us.