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Welcome at SHANTI HOME, a hidden treasure of freedomin the north west Bulgaria. Just between the borders with Servia and Romania you can come to discover a little heavenly existence.

After having traveled parts of our world trying to experience the world as home I realized that this is not just a cliche saying but something to really become true. I thought home could really be everywhere if there is just a concept where this can be real and sustaine by itself so I did my part to realize this concept of a HOME with SoFa and PILLOWS; a sincere Heaven On Mother Earth with a Solidarity Farm where Permaculture, Integrity, Love, Leissure, Omnipresence, Wealth and Synergy forming the pillows of the sofa in order to make home a place to be.

The SoFa is being filled with a basic set of PILLOWS which are shaped to improve the experiences for us and for the future. For many of you I can imagine that the P would be obvious as it stands for Permaculture. If you have never heard about this I recommend you to google the term and get inspired by this to integrate into your lifestyle. I do have information here too so dont worry if you are a newby and you wish to embark onto the journey of permaculture. I believe everybody could become a permaculturist as it is basicly a mindset that makes you a connecter/cocreater of nature instead of a consumer of it.

I stands for Integrity; we are coming from a place of openess and honesty, where we find harmony to be united and in diversity.

The first L stands for Love. Everything we do we do with love and not because someone else needs us to do something than your own inner authority. We respect and set our individual needs, wishes and bounderies while reaching out to others who appear in our reality. It's a very broad concept and something mostly spoken about but also mostly undervalued in the society of today.

The second L stands for Leisure; free time. There are no specific working hours as I want you to be responsible for your own energy and be of service to your inner guide(s). Free of time is all time, out of time in the experience from moment to moment. If you go for a swim in the Danube or instance, you could realize that there is garbage on the way and that there could come that feeling of responsibility by observing what your eyes see. Call it freedom, call it duty, inspiration or enthusiasm. There are always all kinds of wonderful things to do, to read, to paint, to feed the soil, to construct, to plant seedballs in the village, to play sports with the villagers, tennis in the nearby village, visit neighbors and see the donkey (maybe you may have a ride), make music, yoga, etc etc.. There is time for everything.

O from Omnipresence. What is here, is everywhere, what is not here is nowhere. Let it be clean, beautiful and in peace. Something that could grow as a mesh network, or simply a state of mind of being at HOME. Practically I give you a donation passport of HOME after your visit as I wish this to overgrow the concept of nation states and infuse a solidarity economy glocally. I wish to inspire and apsire to inspire so that we may inspire others to experience more HOME on this vast planet. I'm in the process of openening up more HOME spaces where WTF is funtioning as contractor with the mission for the place to be stewarded by the construction of a HOME with SoFa and PILLOWS as exchange for using an existing house and its land.

W stands for Welfare. Money is still the main religion next to nation states but at HOME see LOVE as main currency to work with which is to be(come) the Liberation Of Vital Elements, but at this stage money is needed to invest so that after a while this LOVE could become a reality. Wealth is mainly the being at peace and connected with the natural elements from moment to moment. The exchange is what gives value to the HOME, your being, your time, knowledge, skills and creativity accelarates the heartbeat at HOME. A first HOME is yet being in existence so there is lots of work to do to. A pizza oven is already build in order to host events combined with making and eating a delicious pizza. Also one idea is to start with collecting medicinal herbs to dry and have as product before we are getting in to cultivating herbs for making etheric oils. It's a fun thing to do as for now this will bring us to to closeby mountains where we may find even another HOME, who knows what can be.


The main synergy we work with here are the equilibirum with soil, soul and society comes together. We start with the reconnection to the soil afterwhich comes the experience of a healthy soul from which society can be served. We search for and exchange autonomous and authentic interactions while slowly clearing out a seperated reality where you are volunteer and me (who wrote this) as host. I am simply an initiator of this concept and I wish to travel the world again to open up more HOMES. In order to break even at the economical home costs and investments have to be made. Depending on the willingness of you to share your skills, knowledge and experience of the elements that shapes the PILLOWS, the creation of solidarity products and services HOMEcosts can be covered.

I truly believe that if you come at home, that your eyes will get wide open and while you are really quit you here that a heaven on earth is being born.

Kind greetings from Vruv,

Initiator of HOME

Freddie Freeman [email protected]