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Accommodation from camping to hostels, is varied in scope.

Other Accommodation Systems

While the above noted accommodation types will cover many of a nomad's needs, there are other systems of accommodation and rest avialble. Some of theses are location specific. For example, if you wanted to stay in the open countryside in the United Kingdom, you could stay in Mountain bothies.

Other alternative accommodation options


A favorite for nomads since they are often open 24/7, clean, safe, secure and often have sleeping seats. They are also a great place to pick up discarded cigarettes and dumpster dive (as fliers often dump excess baggage, fluids and other great stuff). You can drink free water in many airports, and use their washrooms and hot water for a shower and shave (and even wash clothes). You can pick up maps and information from their tourist offices and get free WIFI or use internet kiosks in many. However, some airports are notoriously bad, and can sometimes be cold, crowded and noisy. In some airports, security may ask for proof of flying. There are many Tips here, but make sure scope an airport out, print off a airline ticket (even its not real), and act like a flier!

= Fast Food Restaurants

Many of the big franchises are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.