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If you buy water at a supermarket, you should be able to get a 1.5L bottle for about 0.45 Lira. If you walk along Istiklal toward Taksim Square, between the Demiroren shopping mall and a mosque there is a street with cheap restaurants where you can buy a Chicken Durum for 1.50TL or Lentil Soup for 1.25TL, with free bread.

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Istanbul is an ideal city for busking. You can get a lot of attention and make enough money to look after yourself quite easily.


Most street performers vie for space on Istiklal Caddesi, starting from about halfway down until the end. You should find a spot a little way from the other performers, in front of a closed store or empty building. It is a pedestrian street with a lot of foot traffic, and people are used to performers. The police will never bother you, only (occasionally) civilian clothed police may tell you to stop. If this happens, co-operate with them, and then either wait for a while or move to another spot, or both.You can also play at Galata Tower, and some performers have been known to play on the boats that cross the Bosphorous. If you are staying on the Asian/Anatolian side, you can play in the neighbourhood around Kadikoy, especially on the pedestrian street called Bahariye, uphill from the statue of the bull. Also, in Bostancı, you can play on Bağdat Caddesi. In Şirinevler, you can play in the square next to the Metrobus station.

What To Expect:

Most experienced performers can average about 20 Turkish Lira an hour or more. On Istiklal Caddesi, there is a lot of noise. If you want to stand out, having some kind of drum or loud instrument, or a way to attract attention, is vital. During the evening is the best time to perform, however this is when there is the most competition. If you get moved on by the police, don’t let that discourage you. It happens rarely.

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