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===Travel destinations===
===Travel destinations===
[[Winter retreats]], [[Free Hot Springs]], [[::Category:Wild beaches|Wild beaches]]
[[Winter retreats]], [[Free Hot Springs]], [[::Category:Wild beaches|Wild beaches]], [[::Category:Free_museums|Free museums]]
==== Countries ====
==== Countries ====
{{#ask: [[Category:Countries]]}}
{{#ask: [[Category:Countries]]}}

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Travel destinations

Winter retreats, Free Hot Springs, [[::Category:Wild beaches|Wild beaches]], [[::Category:Free_museums|Free museums]]


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Transport companies

Bus {{#ask:Transport type::bus}}
Train {{#ask:Transport type::train}}
Plane {{#ask:Transport type::plane}}

Transport: How to find cheap flights, Hitchhiking, Free and Cheap Travel

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Money: Bargaining, Earning On The Road

Accommodation: Camping, Hotels, Hostels, Hospitality exchange, Housesitting and Caretaking. Retreats, Nomad Bases

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