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Travel destinations

Winter retreats, Free Hot Springs, [[::Category:Wild beaches|Wild beaches]], [[::Category:Free_museums|Free museums]]


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Transport companies

Bus: {{#ask:Transport type::bus}}
Train: {{#ask:Transport type::train}}
Plane: {{#ask:Transport type::plane}}
Ferry: {{#ask:Transport type::ferry}}

Transport: How to find cheap flights, Hitchhiking, Free and Cheap Travel

Food: Dumpster diving, Fasting, Tiny Guide for the Vegan Traveler, Table dive, Dine and dash

Money: Bargaining, Earning On The Road, Busking

Accommodation: Camping, Hotels, Hostels, Hospitality exchange, Housesitting and Caretaking. Retreats, Nomad Bases

Equipment: DIY equipment, What to pack, Camping gear, Gear, Internet, Best Nomad Laptop, Technology

Health and Well-Being: Insurance, Accessible Healthcare

Volunteering: Individual Volunteer Hostings, International Voluntary Programmes, Volunteer in Festivals

Law: Visas, Police, Borders

Intentional Communities: List of ecovillages

Communicate with nomads


Movies, Books, Blogs, Glossary, LGBT Nomads, Gender Advice for Nomads

Everything is miscellaneous

Traveling with Pets, Traveling with Children, Permaculture, Signage, Philosophies of Travel, Nomad hacks, Nomads RIP, Expeditions, Circus Schools


Other useful sites and info