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A '''nomad base''' is a shared living space where all inhabitants can feel like hosts or in other words: 'at home'. It is a place where the inhabitants - how temporary they may stay - feel at home, do their 'thing' and can learn and share at the same time with the other people who live there. A shared culture of '''participation''' in common activities (household and events for example) as well as mutual care among inhabitants and visitors are highly necessary for these spaces to remain sustainable.
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The values of sustainability, sharing and openness are central. A nomad base does not exist for the sake of financial profit.
A nomad base can be a [[shared living]] space (like a house, an [[eco-village]] or [[intentional community]]) rented, owned or [[squat|squatted]] by one or more individuals who decide to also share this space with [[nomad|nomads]]. It could also be a temporary space on a temporary location like some piece of (squatted) land. Each location might have their own specific culture, aspiration, focus, terms of living, minimum or maximum length of stay, intentions, and so on.
== More info ==
* [http://nomadbase.org/ nomadbase.org] is in an alpha stage.
* [https://we.riseup.net/nomadbase Nomadbase] is now a group on crabgrass to discuss the feature-list and on [https://code.brueckenschlaeger.de/projects/nomads/ redmine] to discuss code-development. Discussion currently focuses on using a branch of crabgrass.
* [http://nomadbase.info/ Nomadbase - A shared experience], short documentary

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