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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same community who brought you Trustroots, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki, Sharewiki and more. was a blog about nomadbases.



The design has been fixed and a map is about to be added.


  • design and administration is maintained by realitygaps (meet in #nomadbase)
  • the domain is held by Guaka (talk)


We believe in sharing, adventure, conviviality, fun and abundance. Some of us hitchhike, some of us dumpster dive food. Some of us have worked hard on free software, on Wikipedia. We think it's time to converge these movements of sharing to create a free platform for activists, couchsurfers, artists, free thinkers and free spirits all over the world. We think sharing should go further than the couch. We believe the internet offers opportunities to accelerate the move to a post-scarcity world. We want to create a network based on trust, transparency and cooperation. We want to experiment with trust metrics. We started with base #1: Casa Robino in Amsterdam (not active anymore as per 2012).


What's the difference to BeWelcome?

BeWelcome is a project with great volunteers, unfortunately it doesn't seem to catch on. Nomadbase takes a different approach to hospitality exchange. The software we use is free and very modular and if there is consensus among BeWelcome volunteers we will be very happy to work on any form of integration.

What's the difference to CouchSurfing?

CouchSurfing is great, and even though it's growing rapidly, it has become a bit stagnant. It's great to have a network of 1 million people who surf each other's couches, we want to extend the sharing and to let other people help develop the network and the underlying infrastructure. We also want to try out a different form of hospitality, with more focus on sharing.

What's the difference with Hospitality Club?

See above, only in a more extreme way.

Is there an official organization?


What are you trying to achieve?

Many things. Sharing, adventure, fun, conviviality, freedom of information, free software. What are you trying to achieve?

Can I help?

Yes, please! We need nomads who want to help. Contact Kasper with a short description of your goals and skills. Currently we're especially in need of Drupal experts, PHP programmers, designers with knowledge of CSS. Of course other skills are very welcome too, translation, writing, ...

How do you fund this project?

So far it didn't cost very much. We plan on funding it through other projects that are related to this project - such as building Drupal websites for NGOs.

Will there be advertising?

No Google Ads! No annoying banners!

I love this, how can I add our base?

Add a location to this wiki

Development ideas

See nomadbases reboot

These technical ideas have been merged from Sharewiki, an old brainstorm from 2009.

  • wiki to share initiatives (exists here)
  • blog (like and
    • twitter-like functionality
    • casetracker - e.g. for tasks or wishes
  • Drupal based site
    • drupal "distribution"
    • it has "features"
    • openatrium already has "spaces", with
  • - a crabgrass group discussing the feature-list of a nomadbase (platform)


  • drupal as openid provider?
    • people can use profiles anywhere


  • Location
  • Capacity
  • Blog-like:
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Text
  • the bases are managed by one or more people


  • Usual profile stuff (pics, description, links)
  • Trust?
    • Communication
  • Do we actually need one for nomads?
  • Linked to bases