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{{Category:Needs cleanup}}
{{Category:Needs cleanup}}
== Boring maintenance stuff ==
* [[User:Traumschule]] created a mess for [[Category:Countries|countries]] [[project:How to edit#Forms_and_categories|country categories]]. [[Special:WantedCategories|Wanted categories]] for countries should use <nowiki>{{countrycategory|{{PAGENAME}}}}</nowiki> like in [[:Category:Norway]].
* [[Special:UncategorizedFiles|Uncategorized files]], [[:Category:Pages with broken file links|broken file links]] - some images have disapeared, either upload again or remove the link ([[mw:Help:Bots|bot]] work)
Done: [[Special:UncategorizedPages|Uncategorized pages]],
[[Special:UncategorizedCategories|Uncategorized categories]] (3),
[[Special:UnusedCategories|Unused categories]] (1),
[[Special:UncategorizedTemplates|Uncategorized templates]] --[[User:Traumschule|Traumschule]] ([[User talk:Traumschule|talk]]) 22:25, 9 September 2017 (CEST)
''this should show pages that need some help (it actually also shows the members of categories that need a fix, even if the member doesn't need a fix. maybe someone can help with the correct semantic syntax)''
{{#ask: [[Category:Fix]] | ?Has reason | format=table }}
== Article/topic wishes ==
== Article/topic wishes ==

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Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.
add information about transport


{{#ask: Transport type::bus Connects country::Todo|intro=* Bus: }} {{#ask: Transport type::train Connects country::Todo|intro=* Train: }} {{#ask: Transport type::plane Connects country::Todo|intro=* Airline: }} {{#ask: Transport type::ferry Connects country::Todo|intro=* Ferry: }}


Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.
 add information about accommodation

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.
add information about food


add information about connectivity


add information about busking


add information about


{{#ask:In country::Todo}}

add a city

Travel destinations

{{#ask:in country::Todo }}

add a location

See media related to Todo.

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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same community who brought you Trustroots, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki, Sharewiki and more.

There's always something to do in Nomadwiki! Pick a task or add more

Quick tasks

Articles that need love

Help to cleanup these articles. Mark articles to this list with cleanup template.

{{#ask: Has todo::+ |?Has todo=Task }}

Article/topic wishes

Write content from these sources to Nomadwiki


  • Check these FB groups for useful info: Hitchgathering, Some CS groups?

New articles just created and could use a proof-reading

These articles can be read once or twice, some people can add some infos, and they should be linked to other articles to make appear in the wiki. For example, you could search 'vaccination' or 'vaccine' on Nomadwiki, take the articles mentioning it and put an quick link instead of just text (like this: vaccines).