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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same community who brought you Trustroots, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki, Sharewiki and more.

Writing nomadwiki... :-)

There's always something to do here! Pick a task or add more —

Quick tasks

Article/topic wishes

Write content from these sources to Nomadwiki


  • Check these FB groups for useful info: Hitchgathering, Some CS groups?

New articles just created and could use a proof-reading

These articles can be read once or twice, some people can add some infos, and they should be linked to other articles to make appear in the wiki. For example, you could search 'vaccination' or 'vaccine' on Nomadwiki, take the articles mentioning it and put an quick link instead of just text (like this: vaccines).


  • I added "introduction" field to country articles and moved "free text" to the footer (it used to be on top). Now a lot of intro texts are at the footer of the article, we just have to go trough the country articles and move them back to top. -Mikael (talk) 00:39, 17 December 2015 (CET)
I never created forms in wikis so far. For now templates always were sufficient and easier to maintain. But maybe I find the time someday. Also the power of semantic requests like maps look promising. --Traumschule (talk)