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[[photo::Traumschule satellite.png|]]Traumschule satellite.png
Name Traumschule Riebau[[name::Traumschule Riebau|]]
Type hackbase, Nomadbase
Website URL::
Started 2003
Last visit 2017
Costs 0 per day (Food and accommodation)
Location Dorfstr- 78a, 29410 Salzwedel


[[coordinates::52.859996,11.27353|]] [[Latitude::52.859996|]] [[Longitude::11.27353|]]

Traumschule Riebau is a hackbase[[type::hackbase|]] in In city::Salzwedel[[located in::Salzwedel|]] , Altmark[[located in::Altmark|]] (In country::Germany)[[located in::Germany|]].

It is an open space and action platform located in Riebau near Salzwedel in the Altmark. It belongs to the Freiräume foundation and is part of a nomadbase network promoting the concept of free learning, self-organized skillsharing and DIY projects.

The 4 hectare wide area contains a former NVA military complex with workshops, a historical train station, some permaculture and fruit trees.

More on hitchwiki and hackbase.


Project list and infrastructure in german

Hitchgathering 2017 was hosted here. As an open space the place is available for self-organized events in the spirit of Sustainable Hospitality Exchanges.


Some of the old original leaflets in german (translation to be added)

leaflet from 2005


Before this place was bought the group toured through Germany to find a location and like-minded activists. Over the years they squatted forests trying to protect them from the construction of highways and spread ideas for free living.

1993 Es war einmal ein Hüttendorf.png 1994 Neues aus dem Hüttendorf.png 2001 Initiative für selbstbestimmtes Lernen.JPG 2002 Karawane.png 2002 Sowohl als auch.JPG

School critic & free learning

The place was bought in 2003 to set up a place for free learning far from schools and force. The general idea is that children should have the same rights as older humans and learning should be fun instead of being forced to learn something of no interest. This was the whole idea of "Traumschule" (dream school).

Freiheit.png Schule ist blöd.png Die Würde des Kindes ist unantastbar.png Kinderrechte.png Schule.png Schule2.png Offene Bildungsorte.png



Finally arrived at Traumschule these are some of the events organized from 2003 till 2009.

Willkommen in der Traumschule.png 2003 Kinderfest.png 2003 Was ist die Traumschule.JPG 2003 Traumschule.png 2004 BauAktionsKennenlernwoche.png 2005 Bildungskritisches Aktions-Pflungstreffen.png 2005 Kinderclub.JPG Grbl 2005 Sommer Titel.png 2007 Arrgh-tionsmobilbau.JPG

More leaflets