Travel Buddies

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Few nomads start solo, or if they do, they seek a person or persons to travel with. Going solo is daunting, and you may feel, you need to learn the ropes, tricks, strategies and tactics to survive as a nomad. Many nomads will seek to reach to have an experienced travelers online first, or seek them while on the road.

Pros of a travel Companion

  • A trustworthy companion can mean saving money on costs.

Cons of a Travel Companion

  • A poor companion may even be an issue of life and death. They may give you good advice, put you in dangerous situations, rob you (or worse), manipulate you etc.

How to Vet a Person You Want to Travel With

Inspired by a post on STP, it is important spend time figuring out who you’re dealing with.

- Check them out online first. Check their profiles on BeWelcome, Couchsurfing. Ask them if htey are present on facebook groups, whether they have a profile on Squat the Planet etc. - Ask them questions -

When you’re talking to someone, the first thing to do is to make sure you’re going to get along. MolotovMocktail on STP, came up with these questions to ask:

   What are you goals for travel?
   What travel experience do you have?
   Where do you want to go and how do you want to get there?
   How do you fund your travels?
   What do you do for food and shelter?
   Do you drink or use drugs?
   Do you carry a weapon when you travel?
   Do you have any health issue or needs that may affect you on the road?

Making sure your answers to these questions are similar is a good way to avoid tension on the road. For example, you may like to drink... and finding a similar person may lead to a better journey.