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Kasper, Lots & Lots of spam sign ups showing on 'recent changes'... Can we block or switch to admin confirmed sign up? [[User:subaculture|Mike]]
[[User:Guaka|KAsper]] Lots & Lots of spam sign ups showing on 'recent changes'... Can we block or switch to admin confirmed sign up? [[User:Subaculture|Mike]]

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No problem! Keeps me from the day job..and the angry BW discussion boards. Will be taking a break for Christmas.. back in January to continue the edits!

hey kasper! :) about selcuk and efes: ":)Great!;) thanks common vision about illegal stuff i guess..culver was a bit strict but i do respect his opinion and point of view. i was wondering what about shoplifting on nomadwiki? i guess its kind of controversial matter..could we ripristinate stealthiswiki that exists only on dropbox (was of course such a bigger project but may be useful gather info how and where can u shoplift in different countries..:)"

about busking: "yes i guess its definitely a good option. furthermore i think would be very helpful for newbies and not skilled people like me:) add a template/form to nomadwiki create pages, cause sometimes theres already "edit with form", e.g for iceland there was already, other times i could copypaste it all, e.g Iran took directly form bangladesh and just changed the texts down but for example with the last, Izmir, came kind of mess copying it from hamburg..Mikael sent me some templates from wikivoyage but its a bit more complicate and exhaustive, the "edit with form" i think its just perfect and if u want to add busking section even better. if not like hitchwiki cities template". will work harder:) as soon as i can, at least for each cities i busked in easy info can be written, then whatever,:) ah,thanks for compliments:) Fede

Yeah Chris is doing great work but he can be strict at times. Fortunately we have Nomadwiki now! There's definitely room for a basic article about shoplifting though it should be very balanced, definitely not take a pro-stealing stance like Stealthiswiki. Also, if enough people care about adding more specific information about shoplifting, I'm fine with that (if it's balanced). (Oh and mind you, except one tiny marble that I took when I was around 10 years old I've never ever stolen anything from a store :) But you have to keep in mind that Nomadwiki (unlike Trashwiki) is indexed in Google, so if it's probably not so smart to write about a specific supermarket or even a specific city here. Guaka (talk) 14:27, 19 December 2013 (GMT)
Ok, well, i think it's a very good policy about shoplifting, keepin it balanced just "how to do it" and what to keep in mind (law secirity etc but also ethic, big supermarkets and small shops etc) without adding specific info, maybe oly a genral review on the country? :) About busking what u think about moving this busking section on http://nomadwiki.org/en/Earning_On_The_Road also to http://nomadwiki.org/en/Busking is it repetitive/useless? i see it quite incomplete like this? ah, im uploading random pictures:) is it ok? Fede
I think the article you started about shoplifting is good.
Yeah I think moving the busking stuff to busking would be good. Just keep a paragraph about busking on Earning On The Road, the rest can go to the main article.
Also note that it's good to sign messages here with ~~~~. Cheers, Guaka (talk) 00:04, 12 January 2014 (GMT)

Hi Kasper how is it? Was thinking had come the time to start working a bit more seriously and frequently to nomadwiki:)had been quite nonactive in last period. Italian hitchwiki is starting slowly, another guy started to contribute and i hope will keep doing so..:) anyways..more practicly..:

What about Busking sections also for countries? as always i have no idea how to do it otherwise id already done it but i think would be nice and useful to add info about currency, general authorities approach and policies, people appreciation/understanding etc etc. Of course it differs city to city but often just for a general overview i think could be ok. The same maybe also for continents/regions, well lets start from countries..:) forgot to sign the message..;) cheers.. Fede

KAsper Lots & Lots of spam sign ups showing on 'recent changes'... Can we block or switch to admin confirmed sign up? Mike