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Valencia is a major city in Spain.


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With the MetroBus you can come and go from the airport for 1.45e (September 2015).

From the gates at the Estacion del Norte to the ticketchecks before getting on the platform at the Joaquin Sorolla Station trains are pretty hard to blackride from there. Cheapest solution: get yourself a 1 zone ticket for 1.80e and take a train from the Estacion del Norte (September 2015).


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"¡Hola! ¿Tienes/Teneis algo para recyclar? [...] ¡Muchas gracias, buenos dias/buenas noches!"

The Mercado Central de Valencia is a great source for fruits, vegetables and sometimes even prepared meals ! Open from Monday to Saturday, from 7am to 3pm/15h.

You can also ask the small "Frutas y Verduras" shops if they have anything to throw out, they are everywhere and mostly run by friendly immigrants.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Valencia.

Free WiFi networks around the city, they are all notified on the map you can get at the Tourist Office.


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