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Border crossing can be really, really annoying and humiliating (eg. West BankIsrael) or so smooth you barely notice you're in a new country (BelgiumNetherlands).

You can read about visa requirements from [[::Category:Visa|here in Nomadwiki]] or check articles on Wikipedia:


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Crossing borders inside Schengen without papers

  • If you are caught traveling without document, police might took you to police station and let you sign paper about your contacts: name, birthdate, citizenship etc. You have a right to get this paper translated to you and in some countries (such as Germany) they might already have the paper in your language; just ask. In reality police won't see the effort to organise translation but insist you to sign the paper in the language you don't understand. How much you want to stand up for your rights is up to you.
  • There are areas in Schengen where border control happens frequently, although randomly; typically this happens in Baltics (2017) and Nordics (2017).
  • Note that United Kingdom (and therefore Gibraltar), Switzerland, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia and Andorra don't belong to Schengen (2017) and they therefore have border control and require passport or valid EU ID to enter. See the list of Schengen countries.
  • Andorra seems to go mostly by Shengen rules, so border checks only happen infrequently.
  • You can obtain a temporary travel document from your embassy abroad, which gives you right to travel back to your home country. Embassies usually ask for a police report for stolen documents and a passport photo. With this document, you might need additional visa (for example to leave Kyrgyzstan).


  • If you travel by bus that crosses international borders, they won't let you board without valid ID.
  • When crossing borders in/from baltics, driving especially with Belarusian plates tends to attract border checks (2016). Also buses might get checked on borders (2015).

Equador - Peru

If you are crossing by the river Napo [1-2 week boat ride between Coca and Yurimaguas via Iquitos), you need to find the border officers yourself to get your stamps in the border villages on both sides. Nobody is checking the incoming and outgoing boats (2016).


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CIA guide for crossing borders.

For some people traveling by normal means can be life threatening. For instance if you're an activist in Iran, Russia or Belarus and officials don't give you right to leave your country or if you are escaping a war zone.

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