KuBiZ Weißensee

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Name KuBiZ[[name::KuBiZ|]]
Type Openspace, Nomadbase
Website URL::http://www.kubiz-wallenberg.de
Last visit never update
Location Bernkasteler Str. 78
13088 Berlin


[[coordinates::52.55425,13.47713|]] [[Latitude::52.55425|]] [[Longitude::13.47713|]]

KuBiZ is a Openspace[[type::Openspace|]] in In city::Berlin[[located in::Berlin|]] , Weißensee[[located in::Weißensee|]] (In country::Germany)[[located in::Germany|]].

The place is a former school building with workshops, garden, rooms for cultural events, an alternative living space and an open space for diverse opportunities. The place is easy to rich by tram from Alexanderplatz to Greifswalder Straße.


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