Staying fresh while traveling

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It is not nice to dropped in the middle of the highway while hitchhiking because you smell too bad. Some people stopped taking hitchhikers because they were too dirty. You don't always have a choice, but as much as possible, think about the travellers' community, about the driver, and think a little bit about yourself, yes from time to time it is nice to be clean, you should try.

Of course, showers are the awesome solution, but it is not always possible. Brushing teeths is possible without water, not always very nice feeling to have the mouth with toothpaste taste, but you get used to it. A simple way is to simply change clothes if you didn't use all of them while crossing the Sahara by lama.

Basic tips

It seems a bit weird to say, but don't wash too much (hair and body). The more you shower, the more your body will smell as a response. When you go from an everyday shower, or even twice a day, let's say to one day out of two, you will smell more at the beginning. But after a while you do not feel the need of showering so much to smell good. You can easily as well wash you hair once a week or every two weeks without them being fat. At first, they will fatten and look bad, but very quickly your body will adapt. This naturally depends on the heat and your daily activity.

I love nature

  • Wash armpits, face, hands, etc. When you find a freezing river, a sink in a petrol station, in a bar, or in any toilet really, wash your armpits, face and hands. Feet and personal areas are optional. This already gives quickly an awesome freshness feeling.
  • Alum stone can be used as a natural deodorant if you are into it. But your body adapts, so the more you put deodorant, the more quickly your armpits will smell again.
  • Oh my god what a nice breath! Yes, of course, I always eat fruits or fruit tarts (lemon, apple,...) when I travel. Everything acid makes you salivate, the natural way of cleaning the mouth.
  • Hang your clothes/sleeping bag. At night or when taking breakfast before packing your backpack, hang some stuff to get them some fresh air and reverse your sleeping bag before doing so. If you sleep in a smelly sleeping bag, it will affect your own smell. Keep in mind that very humid nights can wet your clothes beyond comfort ;)
  • H2O 4 U: drink a lot of water, this keeps your body hydrated, you look less tired, your body is less dehydrated. But drinking a lot of water is generally good for anything, except if lost in the desert. Of course, drinking beer is really advised as well. Not to get hydrated, but just because it is good.

Chemical is nice as well

  • Baby-style: Baby wipes are a good way to clean all parts of your body, and a spray of deodorant is appreciated by some people
  • Eating acid fruits is soOoOoOo 20th Century: You can use gum and mint candies instead.

To go a bit further in freshness

  • Hydrating moisterizer: especially if travelling a lot by plane, in small confined places with a lot of air-conditionning. Is also true for hot countries.
  • Lip-balm is the light version of the moisterizer, but as you might have already guessed, only for lips.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizer is an easy way to clean your hands from bacteries, but not always easy to carry.

For some crazy freshness

  • Nice folded clothes give you a good oustide look, and can give you a personal self-fresh-accomplishment feeling
  • I need fresh eyes to get over this hangover. Take some cold can or ice and leave it a moment on your eyes to feel a bit more refreshed and reduce red/black eyes-effect.
  • Water mist is a very non-ecological, even if very enjoyable, way of refreshing your face and body parts.