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== In Spain / Iberia ==
== In Spain / Iberia ==
* [http://www.pueblosabandonados.es/ blog detailing abandoned villages in Spain] with photos and detailed information, same: [https://despobladosnavarra.blogspot.nl despobladosnavarra.blogspot.nl]
* [https://despobladosnavarra.blogspot.nl despobladosnavarra.blogspot.nl blog detailing abandoned villages in Spain] with photos and detailed information.
=== Pyrennees ===
=== Pyrennees ===

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Abandoned villages are great for camping and setting up nomad bases.

Re-Settlement Approaches

Primitivist or high-tech?

Some ecovillages in beautiful natural places attract people who reject mainstream society, its governance and economics, and also its technology. Resettling abandoned villages often relies on the use of high technology and primitivist technology, based on the philosophy, discussion and mission, how ecologically healing effects shall be achieved. Defining the real estate with GPS or in discussion with the neighbours, both aproaches may help. Communities like Auroville and Tamera changed the local temperature and humidity to the better, using intelligent planting and farming technologies.

Dante understands such approach, yet would like to experiment with the use of open source peer produced technologies, and p2p collaboration over the internet.

Neo-Nomad approach to networking Re-Settlement initiatives

Possibility of using neo-nomad approaches to create and empower trust building for intentional networked connections and collaborations between individual village re-settlements.


In Spain / Iberia