Accessible healthcare

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You have no Insurance, or are abroad and not covered, or you don't have your card with you, so what do you do?

  • trickery: switch the card with someone else
  • you need to go to a free / cheap place.

The intention of this document:

  • Have a map of places to navigate and get medical assistance when needed


  • ER is free everywhere in Europe (?)
    • probably not
    • what is covered under ER?

Known free places:

Other places:

  • Slovenia: a basic visit to the doctor is 5€, a basic specialist visit. ER is free.

Dentistry is a big problem:

  • Who would do it pro bono?
  • EHIC card seems to not cover dentistry
  • In Spain, all dental care is private
  • Is DIY dentistry possible?

Self-cure should be explored. Nomadbases should probably be equipped with more than basic first aid kits, and include tried natural remedies.

Feasible DIY medicine:

  • stitching, removing stitches


  • In the Netherlands (Aalkmar hospital), I was rushed to a hospital with an injury threatening my finger. I didn't have my documents with me (including EHIC card) and was explain to me by the doctor I should pay 200€ upfront for him to take a look at it. I found that morbid and went away.
  • In Spain, I was surprised to discover all dental care is private. A filling costs 50-70€, and a presupuesto for a root canal treatment was 430€. So I needed to head back to my home country to get free healthcare.
  • Got superb treatment in the UK by NHS (stitches). Got brought to Royal London Hospital by a local and no one wanted to see any documents.

Some sources:

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