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In country::Greece

Athens is felt by some to be the new Berlin. There is lots of vibes going on, especially around Exarcheia, which is the place where lots of [anarchy based ideas] are spreading. There are many squats where people help and host refugees. Also there is a university called Politechnio where refugees are hosted and parties take place from which the money raised go's to the practical aid for the people in need. Find squats like Nosotros, Notara and relax with a proper wifi and donation based drinks and food in the squat (...) in Tsamadou street where is also a garden which is fought for by anarchists to transform it from parking to garden.


Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

Public transport tickets cost EUR 1.20 (full price) or EUR 0.60 (students) and are valid for 70min after first validation. As an act of solidarity, partially used tickets are left on the validating machines, escalators, etc. If you find one, take it. The time of first validation are the last 4 digits printed.

The public transport is almost not controlled, except the metro intersections (Syntagma, Omonia, Attiki, Monastiraki), where they hide behind the turns of the connecting corridors.

If they catch you without a ticket, give them your passport, but don't pay the fine. Till now, nobody saw their fines redirected to their countries.

Taxis are also quite okay, for about 1 euro per km, so if you're in a group it could even be cheaper to get a cab.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

You can manage to find places to sleep by being an active spirit in Exarcheia. People are willing to help you get a proper rest during the night. The squats are difficult to get in as some are organised not to sleep in and some are used for the refugees to sleep in so it also feels not proper to ask there for a place to sleep. You can always crash a night in a hidden place of the garden of Politechnio or in Pedion Areos or just find a housedoor open and go to the rooftop as I did in at Komminon 8. I even found a bed on the rooftop with blankets that were clean :)

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

Dumbsterdiving is very succesful at market Totsista on Saterdays after around 15 o clock. You can get falafel for 1 euro at several places and Souvlaki is 2 euro everywhere but the meet will most likely be from industry and will most probably be full with antibiotics and other bad energies. Spirit food you can get in Exarcheia, but look a bit further as the suppliers there are part of the mafia. Better to avoid giving them money of course so give it some time and be patient if you want to support the good people instead.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Athens.

At Vox (of course also in Exarcheia) you can sit and take internet from their neighbours. They dont bother if you sit here and even dont order something. You can even sit here with drinks and food you take from somewhere else. There is plenty of space, but the internetconnection is not too good.


Once I played music at Notara outside with refugees and locals. I ended up recording a song with amazing people and we are in the mood to produce our own songs for the sake of our collective evolution

Travel destinations

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Archeological sites are overpriced and often close early. Please add good tips ;)

You can act as being a student. If you are good, you get in for free.. couch:Athens