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Name BEK[[name::BEK|]]
Type squat, Nomadbase
Website URL::
Email URL::[email protected]
Started 2018.
Last visit never update

BEK is a squat[[type::squat|]] in In city::Zagreb[[located in::Zagreb|]] , Tuškanac[[located in::Tuškanac|]] (In country::Croatia)[[located in::Croatia|]].

BEK is a squat-social center in Zagreb, which organizes activities like public kitchen, free bar, gigs, workshops etc. We are accepting volunteers or nomads looking for place to sleep in exchange for helping around with chores. We have strict anti-drug and hygiene policy. Before arriving contact us on email or facebook.


public kitchen, freeshop, freebar, library, yoga, exhibitions, gigs, garden, workshops add project