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Baguio is a city in the Philippines.


If you’re looking for the “punk” scene and some chill people to hang out with go to Aguinaldo Park & Museum across from the University of Baguio. The punks normally hang out there. Have them speak Tagalog to the caretaker and explain you want to set up camp in the park. The caretaker won't mind you staying there over night. A lot of locals hang out at this park and it's a good way to meet friends, find places to sleep and stuff to do.

Another good place to sleep is the abandoned lot across from John Hay Nursery. It's pretty open. You have to walk a few KM outside of the chaotic part of the city to get there, but it's a good spot to set up for camp.


Don't waste too much time walking with your pack guys. Jeepney's are so freaking cheap at 8.5 pesos for 0-4 KM that you can get most places with little effort and money. Wave down Jeepney's putting your arm up in the air with your hand down (look how other Filipino's wave them down or just ask one how to do it). All the Jeepney's have the location of where they are going written in English on the side of the vehicle. You can go to the Mines, the Mansion, Baguio Botanical Garden, Wright Park, Baguio Plaza, the Hot Springs, etc. There is a lot of cool stuff to check out that's all free.

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