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Books can be a source of nomadic inspiration, a source of ideas and a means to spend time. They can be discussed, read and shared.










  • Harper, Douglas. (2005) - Good Company: A Tramp Life.
  • Hib and Kika (2003). - Off the Map.
  • Hodgkinson, Tom: The Freedom Manifesto - How to Free Yourself from Anxiety, Fear, Mortgages, Money, Guilt, Debt, Government, Boredom, Supermarkets, Bills, Melancholy, Pain, Depression, Work, and Waste





  • Lobaczewski, Andrew M.(2006) - Political Ponerology - interesting book on psychopathy and politics
  • Le Bas, Damian (2018). The Stopping Places: A Journey Through Gypsy Britain.
  • Lott, J. (2018) Hitchhike America. Beginning in Washington, D.C. and ending on the Pacific Coast, Hitchhike America honestly recounts the amazing journey exploring the United States and meeting new people, seeking to uncover the true soul of America. Part memoir and part travel writing, Hitchhike America also acts as a new guide for hitchhikers, with wisdom and anecdotes to teach you the best hitchhiking and vagabonding practices for adventuring the United States on a tight budget and a loose schedule.












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Philosophical and Academic

Practical & DIY

Want to build a Shit Pit or Compost Toilets? Really! The easiest way to build is to follow the book the Humanure Handbook (free pdf) by Joseph Jenkins.

Magazines & Journals