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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same community who brought you Trustroots, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki, Sharewiki and more.

SHE stands for Sustainable Hospitality Exchange.

SHE is an approach and a framework of thinking to understand hospitality. In more specific terms SHE is a framework of thinking to understand

  1. What are the things we need to make it possible for us to remain hospitable, ie to keep on 'hosting' without undermining our common and personal capacity?
  2. How we can be hospitably 'sustainably'
    1. on a personal level
    2. on a group level
    3. on a network level

What does 'sustainable' mean?

We want to understand what keeps a place alive and how to cover costs in a diverse group without everyone having an income. At the moment this is a collection of questions as it was transferred from Sharewiki to revive it. You can take part in the discussion by adding your views and sort it out a bit.

Finance and Sustainability

Goal: Better understanding for different projects and brainstorming on how to finance new projects. Create a document that describes problems about financing.

  • Concerns on living and funding projects on a money environment
  • Projects on budget zero ( no money involved)
  • Nomad life based on money/ or not at all money
  • Approaches on how projects are being founded and the philosophy behind it; problems and solutions

How to work within the money economy

- Concerns on living and funding projects on a money environment.

Open source shares more information, is often better and sustains the community. Although sometimes even in this case you have to still use money to sustain the project.

What's the world like when finances are transparent and it allows you to analyse the way the money is being used?

Approaches on how projects are being founded and the philosophy behind it; problems and solutions

Current projects:

How to work without money entirely: Zero budget financing

Currently: I need something and I need money to get it. But Money is only the tool to achieve a goal; money is not the goal itself.

Focus on my real goals, how can I achieve it without using money?

The key is to know my goals and decide on how to achieve it and come up with alternative ways to achieve it without involving money in the process.

I have a Wish list of things I need money for and try to transform it get it without using money over time.

Goals, requirements and how to get get it. Let's share strategies here.

A flat for example; the owner doesn't care about your project, he cares about the money he gets for the flat. Without money, no flat.

Idea: try to involve a person in the project, so that he really wants to contribute to it by giving the flat.

How to give people the opportunity to contribute financially even if they don't have any money

Possible funding projects

  • get free materials and put time into them and exchange them for money.
  • Bike tour projects, make a tour company and let nomads make work that way.
  • Soap making, toothpaste making, jam making, product making in general, ect...
  • Having a labour force known, meaning that community based projects would be known in their community and could be called up to help with anything on a donation based rate, or set rate, or for something, ect. Straight labour temporary employment that could be used to fund the project... for example, moving things for homes, painting something, ect... straight unskilled labour jobs.


  • Costs of the project, the base.
  • income of the project, last months income, projected costs, etc. (have a form for this)

Dinner, Donations, Deeds.

  • The Tallin project considers people part of the project when they contribute in of the three ways mentioned above. By cooking dinner, donating financially, or by doing deeds for the house... like things needed done, work that funds the project, etc.

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