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Upcoming Events

  • 6-7-8 July 2018 TBD, Amsterdam

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There are quite a few nomadic events. Ideally they're free to attend, with free food with merely a magic hat. From to hospitality camps, hitchhiking gatherings, Rainbow gatherings, raw food gatherings, no boarder camps, circus camps and so on.

Hitchhiking Events

There are many Hitchhiking related events around the globe, that include hitchhiking races to hitchhiker gatherings. For the most up to date list of events, see Hitchwiki.


  • The Hitchgathering is the name of a series of international hitchhiking gatherings held in Europe and Northern America since 2008. For further information you can also visit the associated Facebook and Hitchwiki page.

Rainbow Gatherings

Rainbow Gatherings exist across the globe, but there are big differences between the ones in Europe and North America. For example, alcohol is often tolerated in North America gatherings,but not in Europe. There are many gatherings around the world, but sometimes, you need an invitation or vouch.

To find out specifically where the gathering will be, you need to understand how they find their "home" each year. Travel Junky has an updated list.

No Border Events

The outlines of the No Border events are shaped by the principles that have been established in the international No Border Manifest. The network presumes among others freedom of movement (“no borders, no nations”) and a anti capitalist movement and wants to bring about change in a extra parliamentary manner. Everybody who wants to be active in a grass root kind of way against the migration policy can use the possibilities of the network.

Given the ideology of nomads, many seek to support free movement by attending events. Keep a close eye on the websites like No Borders (Dutch) or No Borders (English). A good list of various no border groups across the world can be found here.

Hospitality Exchange Events

Members of Hospitality exchangehospitality sites often create events. To view and join such events, you may need to join individual hospitality exchange sites. If you are already a member of BeWelcome, you can view their events and activities page here. For couchsurfing, the events page is here. If there are no events in the places you are passing through, why not create tour own events in those places. Its a great way to meet people and find a place to sleep/stay. You can also use event management systems like Event Babel or Event Brite.

Hospitality Camps A particular type of hospitality exchange event is a hospitality camp, which is usually a multi-day event. For an up-to-date list, visit the following Facebook page or website by the Travelling Monkeys.


There are several self-organized bike tours in europe:

The Ecotopia-Biketour is a self-organized political bicycle tour that has been cycling through different parts of Europe each summer since 1990. In 2016, between June and September we will cycle through Baltic States, Poland, Belarus and Russia. On our way we will visit self-organized alternative social centres, anti-racist and feminist groups, self-sustainable communities, environmental campaigns and other projects trying to create a better society. We are an always changing group of different ages, nationalities and political backgrounds, usually between 20 to 40 people.

The AlterTour goes around in France every summer.

2wheels4change is a circus-biketour. They are creating shows for and with kids in difficult situations ’round the globe. Right now the project focusses on a circus-caravan.

Free parties

A free party is a party "free" from the restrictions of the legal club scene, and is similar to the free festival movement. It typically involves a sound system playing electronic dance music from late at night until the time when the organisers decide to go home. Indoor parties are often called 'squat parties' which are free parties with secret indoor locations. Free parties are also called Teknival or Freetekno parties. They take place across the globe, but you may not hear about them unless you are a close to the Squatting scene, or at least visit their websites.

Anarchist Book Fairs

Popular in the United States, but less so in Europe. A place to meet anarcho-punks, activists, and travelers. They’re also a den of activity for music, discussion panels, and of course, finding interesting books you can read when traveling between destinations.

The Camps for Climate Action

The Camps for Climate Action are campaign gatherings (similar to peace camps) that take place to draw attention to, and act as a base for direct action against, major carbon emitters, as well as to develop ways to create a zero-carbon society

Peace Camps

Peace camps are a form of physical protest camp that is focused on anti-war activity.

Other Event Opportunities

There are many websites or organizations that facilitate networking and member events. Many of these are free.

  • InterNations is the first international community for all people living and working abroad. Founded in 2007 by three young entrepreneurs from Germany. It hold events around the globe.
  • Meetup Helps groups of people with shared interests plan events and facilitates off line group meetings in various localities around the world.
  • Squat the Planet has a forum which discusses forthcoming North American events.

Selected Events in Particular Countries



  • Wasteland Weekend is an annual four-day festival that allows lovers of the Mad Max movie franchise to see what it is really like to live in a society where civilization is crumbling.
  • Confest is a volunteer run non-profit music, arts, lifestyle and workshop event held in the bush of NSW Australia. The focus is on bringing people and alternative cultures together to have fun, relax, communicate, learn, develop ideas and promote personal growth.
  • The Gum Ball.
  • Rainbow Serpent Festival.
  • Camp Anarchy
  • Melbourne Anarchist Book fair.


Costa Rica

Czech Republic


  • European Juggling Convention 2021 Hanko (Finland).




  • Kumbha Mela - Every 12 years all of the babas and sadhus and all of the other holy men of the Indian subcontinent and around the world along with a lot of pilgrims journey to Allahabad, India for the largest gathering of humanity in the world.
  • Gurukul Camp - Anandam Resort, Ahore, Jalor, Rajasthan.



  • The Midburn event is the official regional event organized by the Midburn community – the Israeli Burning Man community.



  • Pinksterlanddagen, an anarchist camp held in the northern Netherlands for nearly 90 years. At the Dutch camp there are stalls, workshops, anarchist theatre and music.




United States of America

  • Burning Man is a week-long annual event that takes place at the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada.
  • Autonomous mutant festival is an annual FREE non-commercial gathering for the healthy evolution of life culture, encouraging individual and group autonomy, celebrating independent art and culture, exploring diy technologies and encouraging a harmonious relationship with the earth.
  • The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous started in 2010 in the United States for Rubber Tramps (see Glossary), and is still going strong. RTR drew just 45 people when it began in 2010. In 2019, there were 3,000. Location is Quartzsite, AZ.
  • The National Hobo Convention is held on the second weekend of every August since 1900 in the town of Britt, Iowa, organized by the local Chamber of Commerce, and known throughout the town as the annual "Hobo Day" celebration. The National Hobo Convention is the largest gathering of hobos, rail-riders, and tramps.
  • The nomad discussion board Squat the Planet have an annual get together. The Dirty Scouts Jamboree is the tongue-and-cheek name they have given to the annual meetup of misfit travelers from their online community. In 2017, it was at Slab City, California.
  • Grindfest - Cyber punk and bio-hacking
  • BeLoved Festival - Sacred Art, Music & Yoga. Finding connection, healing, and integration in the forest for the 11th year ~ Friday, August 10th to Monday.
  • Lightning in a Bottle Festival. California.
  • Symbiosis Gathering.
  • Lucidity in California.
  • 2019 Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendezvous
  • Wasteland Weekend, CA.


Shipot Festival, centers around freeganism and free living in Ukraine. This is location on of the place on google maps. They also have a FB link.

United Kingdom

South Africa

Possible Selected Events in 2022

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