Fort Lesandro

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The fort Lesandro is an old abandoned fort in the middle of the lake Skadar, in Montenegro, 25km from Podgorica. Location on Open Street Map

There is a bridge crossing the lake, and from the bridge you can get to a small island where the fort is. On the bridge there is a road with no space on the side and cars going fast, as well as a railway. The best to get to the island is to walk down the bridge near the water, until reaching the island, and then carefully cross the road and the railway.

It's a cool place to camp. In august 2014 ten hitchhikers stayed there a couple of days. There is no roof to sleep under, but plenty of space for tents, and you are not visible from outside. Once every two days a tourist might pass by.

Also be careful of snakes in the water and in the rocks near the shore. Vipers live there.

On the northern end of the bridge there is a restaurant where is possible to find toilet and internet. It's also quite easy to tabledive there.