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In country::China

Kunming is a reasonably large city in south-western China. It's the capital of Yunnan.


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Most buses in the city cost 1 or 2 Yuan per person. However, you can attempt to pay with a large bill and a confused face and see if an impatient driver won't just wave you through (or somebody else might pay for you...). Having a big backpack also helps. You can also "grey-ride" by dropping any smaller amount than the actual fare into the box that collects the money, the driver has no way of checking how much you actually put.


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Zenit was recommended by a doctor to sleep somewhere in a random aisle of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming University. However, the basement of any random large apartment building in the city should be just fine, everybody is very helpful with opening the door and in the event of being caught the possible repercussions are very very small (Chinese love Westerners)...

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There is a large mall near the crossroads of Wuyi Rd. and Dongfeng Rd., near the Yunnan provincial museum. In the basement, there is a wide selection of table diving options. It's reasonably upscale and you might be asked to leave; to explain what you're doing it's recommended to print a table diving letter to explain what you're doing and why. If you can't be bothered, proceed to the food court at the crossroads of Xiangyun St. and Nanqiang St. where nobody will ever bother you (it's easy walking distance from the mall). Lots of left-overs guaranteed!

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