MS Stubnitz

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Name MS Stubnitz[[name::MS Stubnitz|]]
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Location Kirchenpauerkai 29, 20457 Hamburg


[[coordinates::53.53727,10.01066|]] [[Latitude::53.53727|]] [[Longitude::10.01066|]]

MS Stubnitz is in In city::Hamburg[[located in::Hamburg|]] (In country::Germany)[[located in::Germany|]].

MS Stubnitz is an 80 metre, 1960's ship transformed into a cultural and culture documentation platform. It hosts a regular ~10 person crew who can live and work there, and is able to accept new crew on a personal agreement basis. Crew consists of cultural programme organisers and event producers, audio/video engineers, technical staff to keep the boat running, a chef, and other people helping to sustain the organism. Currently it's based in Hafencity, Hamburg (Germany), holds regular self-organised culture programme.

Docked in Hamburg, Germany, at least until 2017.


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