Magic hat

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A magic hat, is a term that emerged from Rainbow Gatherings, and is the fund-raising in-strument for any Rainbow event. It is used in many nomadic eventsto fundraise for the supplies needed to keep everyone well-fed.

Raised funds, might be used for food, bleach, toilet paper, medical supplies, batteries and gasoline for shuttle and supply vehicles, among others.

By giving generously to the Magic Hat, each of us helps to provide for all. When the Magic Hat appears (sometimes in the form of a real hat, sometimes as a bucket), and is sometimes carried through the camp. The rest of the time it sits on the counter at Information.

Be wary of individuals with containers claiming to be the “magic hat”.


  • If possibble, there should be a covering on the box or bucket, so that money cant be easily taken back out by people with ill-intent.
  • The money in the Magic Hat should be stewarded by a Banking Council of at least three persons.
  • No money is given out except by consensus of this council.
  • If possible, the receipts for supplies should be posted somewhere (online/offline).