Mental health

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While we can Communicate with nomads online whenever you want, at other times, you will seek solitude, or you will have solitude forced upon you. This may be because you like traveling alone, can not access the internet, you are in an isolated area, or seek solitude upon a particular reason. If will happen that at times you will feel alone, lonely and at times, you wish to separate from the world of travel. It is best to prepare yourself mentally.


Meditation is a great asset for nomads (as it is for any other human being on the planet..). It helps your mental health, your phisical one also and makes you progress a lot in personal as global understanding. You have plenty of free time to dedicate to it and with care and time you will learn which moments and situations are more suitable to it (usually just before going to sleep and straight after having woken up, though you might have to fight a huge desire to sleep..also why not while waiting for a lift hitchhiking?)

There are many different techniques and schools about how doing it, most of them differ but often they share some common points:

  • Attention (often to the breath). Try to figure out, realize and be present/conscious (of your breath as of your phisical body). Close your eyes and watch yourself. Sounds easy but you will quickly see how hard it is, as how much work it requires.
  • Silence. The idea is shut the mind up, stop talking of course but also thinking, wandering in thoughts etc. Focus on something, it can be everything: your body (any part of it, keeping or moving the attention), your breath (still in and out your body), a formula (e.g mantra, prayer,etc), an image (i.e yantra, icon, etc) whatever stops your mind from continuous flux of thought and reaction..
  • Patience. You won't get to it straightforward, no worries. How gifted you think you could be, a real progress on this path require a huge, continuous and patient work. You should practice daily, as much as you can.

Slowly you will notice and realize differences, keep working and practicing, it is just the beginning!

Vipassana Meditation (as taught by Goenka) offers free (spontaneous offers of money and help exchange are accepted only after having completed at least one course) ten-days meditation courses all around the globe. They do insist a lot on their nonsectarianism and universalism, as on how they are open to any person, no matter sex, religion, ethnicity, etc who just have to follow the rules; though you should know it is within Buddhist tradition and heritage (which doesn't have anything wrong by the way..). On their website (see previous link) you find dates, locations and possibilities to book (do it in advance since it is often full and you'll be anyway in waiting list) a place. There might be several other free courses around the world especially in countries like India though watch out for scams! Often it is used just a way to attract tourist and money..