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Except for people who go completely moneyless money is quite a necessity. On Nomadwiki you'll find many ways to reduce your need of money but we also have some information about making money.

Transfering money


Bitcoins can be quite speculative, but if you know what you're doing it can be a great way to store money. You don't need a bank account anymore and through websites such as LocalBitcoins and DealCoin you can exchange your BTC into whatever currency you need. Some might say it's safer than walking around with cash. The value is moving around a lot, but it's mostly going up. Also note that there's no need to have 1 BTC, you can also have 0.001 bitcoins. You don't need internet to receive money this way (your address is enough) but you do need internet to spend it.

Given that a simple transaction currently costs 0.0001 BTC (8 dollar cents on this moment) it's already quite a viable alternative to Western Union and their ridiculous fee structure.

Bank account / credit card

In recent years interesting bank accounts with prepaid credit cards have popped up. An example is the German Number26 and the English Revolut. For Revolut you only need a European address to receive the credit card, Revolut has great exchange rates. Number26 is slightly better even, it's a real bank account, now available in Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Slowakia and Spain. You need an address in one of these countries, but it doesn't have to be an official address. See also this article on

Other services


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