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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same community who brought you Trustroots, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki, Sharewiki and more.

A nomad is someone without a fixed location. The entire humanity used to be nomad before agriculture and there are still millions of classic style nomads. Here on this wiki we focus more on neonomadism though. This means people who have decided to live without a fixed location, temporarily or for a longer time.

Nomads Nomadic in the past, nomadic by spirit, some neo-nomads, changing locations often, mostly laptop equipped. Some long-term travelers.


Nomads can define themselves as hugger, hitchhiker, guest, driver, host, carpenter, perma-culturist, coder, ubuntu expert, cook, massage therapist, dumpster diver, creative, vegan, freegan, vegetarian, omnivore, conscious eater, conscious consumer, plumber, musician, guitar player and much more. Qualities can be added and refined and put in a tree structure as we grow.


  • Trip planner,
  • notifications when qualities coincide
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