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This page is about organizing a world wide network of nomadbases.

A Nomadbase network consists of nomadbases, nomads, skillsharing travelers, skillsurfers, etc. Interactions usually happen in the spirit of money-less cooperation.

Online presences


  • Places and bases are open for shared living and stay in touch with each other, exchange ideas, processes and experiences.
  • Public directories, maps, project websites list open projects.
  • Communication happens via blog comments and RSS aggregations (like, mailing lists, IRC channels (for example #nomads, #nomadbase and #hackbases).

How to reach potential new bases?

  • Write to projects if they want to be listed.
  • Go and meet them. Personal contact is most important.
  • Nomadbase hunt: Keep your eyes open when you're traveling, go and check potential places. You (and any other nomad) go to a city without known nomadbase and try to find open places/people.
  • Recycle the house of grandma.
  • For each profile: List of places you like. Get notification when new nomad base is being created there.
  • Some communities with good potential look for members on mainstream search tools (Germany: WG-gesucht). We may find some interesting things there.
  • Collect good occasions of flats in a wiki, where people that hear of a good deal but cannot take it can make it known to those that are looking.
  • list the flat-finding resources per city.


Back in 2009 there was a conference on "Sustainable Hospitality Exchange" in Berlin called SHE goes MAD. It was motivated by hosts and nomads around Casarobino, and other travellers to find out, what necessities there are, to keep a Nomadbase up and running well without burning the hosts.

Next conference

There might be many nomad-bases around the world, though these are not so much connected with each other yet. To help creating a network of these spaces, the website was started in January 2009. To make new connections between houses, spaces and nomadic travelers. A conference was taking place in Berlin from 20 of November of 2009 to 2nd of December: SHE goes MAD.

A long time nothing happened since then. In August/September 2017 there was a chat about nomadbases in #hackbases and why these movements are doing so bad, as one put it. It seems like these sharing movements come and go in waves, develop something that is online for some time until the idea is forgotten. Let's try to have better persistence as idea of free sharing is quite important.

The JUKSS ("environmental youth congress") was completely self-organized and took place for 18 years around xmas. The location was usually a rented school in Germany, usually rented for 3-7k€. The costs were one reason it ended, because nobody wanted to organize money and less and less schools wanted to host hundreds of to-become hippies, squatters, eco-radicals anymore. Besides this the orga team burned out regularly with a high fluctuation. The movement was growing for about one generation and burned many valuable organizers during this time. Those who survived started project houses but are not so fond of radically open spaces anymore. What we learn from it could be one topic of this meeting. (the documentation is still online in german and could be translated to english and released as an howto)

Other topic ideas:

What keeps this movement alive are people feeling as hosts more than as guests. That means, to not only consume a place, but to prepare it for others. It can go together very well and some nomads actually do this already, but calling oneself a host, changes the perspective completely. To learn more about the idea "everyone is a host", see the SHE meeting minutes.

Traumschule (the potential meeting location) belongs to the Freiräume foundation ("free spaces"/open spaces) and shares infrastructure with guests in the hope they will use it responsibly and improve it. Do you know places like this? In August 2017 a Hitchgathering took place here and brought a lot of live to the place. What do you think about a nomadbase meeting there in 2018?

The meeting can be purely virtual as well, if there aren't enough people to meet at one place directly. We can cooperate via pads or IRC.


Network models

brainstorm on different nomadic networking models.

A Nomadic Network could be

  • A network of nomads that stay with each other
  • A network of houses shared by nomads
  • A network of money earning activities

Shared Housing

  • Open: An open network based on hospitality exchange.
  • Mixed: Houses that are open for nomads and are within a network
  • Closed: Fully shared in terms of costs and access. Members have full access to these houses. Have to pay contribution to network or a single base

Shared Costs/ Income

  • Volunteer contributions to one house
  • Volunteer contributions to the network/ foundation
  • Contributions go to the network on basis of earnings
  • Predefined contribution to one house as form of supporting the base/covering basic costs

Work Contribution

  • Skill share as form of participation withing open structure (random skill share/p2p bases)
  • Skill share as participation within predefined projects
  • voluntary work/labor (in terms of hours spent and skills required)
  • Predefined amount of hours and skills needed to participate to the house as form of contribution