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Back in 2009 there was a conference on "Sustainable Hospitality Exchange" in Berlin called SHE goes MAD. It was motivated by hosts and nomads around Casarobino, and other travellers to find out, what necessities there are, to keep a Nomadbase up and running well without burning the hosts.

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Hey nomads and (former) hosts!

yesterday we had a little chat on nomadbases and why these movements are doing so bad, as one put it. I think, we are not doing bad in general, but it comes and goes in waves.

The JUKSS was a completely self-organized environment youth congress usually taking place around xmas in a rented school for about 18 years. The movement was growing for about one generation and burned many valuable organizers during this time. Those who survived started project houses but are not so fond of radically open spaces anymore. I got to know the last bits of it, so I am not burned, but got some knacks later. :)

What I learned is that even popular places and events can and will have an end, when not enough people join the orga crew and keep it going. As a takeaway I usually ask, who is behind it and how are they organized, go to the "staff" room and knock, just to see what kind of people are sitting there. Usually it ends in great talks and more projects ..

Another one is to write announcements for projects when I feel my attention jumped over to something new. Just to give others the chance to take over.

My heart still beats for Traumschule, but it does it for a while already and it's just natural that I won't stay foerver. The formal body keeping the contracts for this place will come to end in late 2018 if no new crew joins in. This is what a meeting decided this summer.

We need people feeling as hosts even more than as nomads. That means, not only consuming a place, but to prepare it for others. It can go together very well and some nomads actually do this already, but calling oneself a host, changes the perspective completely.

People at Traumschule not just want to use the infrastructure, but share it with others and try to improve it. Thatswhy I invited for the Hitchgathering in August and I would like to invite again for October or November.

subcribe as a host

If you have time, add yourself to this dudle or add your name here.