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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same folks who brought you Hitchwiki, Sharewiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki and more.

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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same community who brought you Trustroots, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki, Sharewiki and more.

What is this wiki about?

Nomadwiki is about anything interesting to nomads, like sharing knowledge on money-free and affordable ways for travelling, wild camping accommodation, hospitality. If you are unsure, start reading on existing topics on the sitemap.

There are similar wikis that share some overlaps:

  • Couchwiki: Summarizing experiences and info about hospitality exchange networks and other accommodation platforms. (if you are more seasoned than the author, please answer this)
  • Sharewiki: When it comes to sharing knowledge or resources this wiki is the base to share it. Basically less about actual locations, even though it has some nomadbase content that is about to be migrated. Feel free to help, it is a great way to learn BTW.
  • Hitchwiki: There you find most of the places on the world where people hitchhiked already. It is less encyclopedic than Wikipedia, but has some nice skills in it. Performing parallell researches on both is generally a good idea to prepare a tour. It is not quite clear, how to deal with information on visa on this wiki yet, but Hitchwiki should has the current state.

If in doubt, content can be added multiple times as well, however linking to related pages on other wikis is strongly encouraged (eg. [[hitch:Teneriffa|Teneriffa]] will add a link to Hitchwiki at the bottom of the left column). For a list of interwiki shortcuts see Special:Interwiki.

Can content be commercial?

Yes, but keep out expensive stuff. Only stuff along lines "free/very cheap". Including cheap airlines/buses, cheapest indoor stays among squats, free camping locations in cities, etc...

It should be fine, to name producers, trademarks, products and prices, links to products or marketplaces however could be considered as spam, even on user or discussion pages.

Regarding cheap airlines the question is if the environmental impact of nomads should contribute to flooding those islands we actually like to camp on. If travelling ecologically has no priority it is less about nomadism but more the tourist approach has to it. See also How to be a good guest.

Why Nomadwiki

What to do with info that doesn't really fit to touristy, to Hitchwiki nor to Trashwiki. There's always been, but that's more for hospitality info. BeWelcome has it's own wiki and some city articles have kind of touristy info and some cool bar tips, but that mostly overlaps with Wikivoyage and CouchWiki currently. Also Sharewiki exists, but doesn't really fit what we had in mind.


  • Some time ago Stew wanted to add info about cheap/free places to stay overnight to Hitchwiki. This was rejected as it's out of subject and especially since we don't want any commercial info to be in that wiki.
  • In HitchGathering FB group there has been lots of info about destinations and spots to arrange events. For example huge complex of abandoned hotels in Croatian beach. This sort of info doesn't really fit Wikivoyage concept.
  • One Italian vagabond has been writing about busking to Hitchwiki lately. It seems this info is being taken off as it's out of subject.
  • Tomi was gathering cool info about tramping in South-America to google docs. That sort of info (about what to eat from trees, where are the best remote beaches to camp...) would be nice to have somewhere more permanently.


This wiki was created and enjoys a growing community.

Please join and add your experiences!

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