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Norway offers probably some of the most stunning and breath taking landscape in Europe. More than 2000km long, its gorgeous oceanic coast is simply amazing to be traveled (preferably biked or hitchhiked).

The local wealth is general very high, as also the prices (of everything).

On the other hand it does offer many opportunities for working; from picking berries in the south to busking all around the country.

Enjoy it!

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Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

Everything is expensive in Norway.

If you want to travel cheap, it's best to avoid spending money completely, which Norway offers great opportunities for.

Hitchhiking is not easy, although still very possible and chances of finding a long ride are quite good. In Tromsø it's even possible to hitchhike instead of taking public transport, by using a 2km sign (not as fast as the bus, however still better than walking).

On hitchhiking short distance ferries that are usually paid by the amount of people in the car, especially around the fjords of Bergen and the Western coast of Norway: When your driver enters a ferry, be sure he or she is not the first or second car in line. As soon as the person who collects the money from the cars, is with the first or second driver, get out of the car, go to the sundeck - or whereever else in the ferry - and back in the car when the boat is on the other side. Nobody will check on you during the ride or when the cars leave the ferry. Thus I would highly recommend you to be in a car while boarding a ferry. If you are not, just ask a few drivers! If you still cannot find a car, there's also a few possibilities to sneak if you time it right and you are not seen by the officials.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

It's legal to camp in a lot of places even inside cities and almost everywhere outside of the - and locals are helpful with advice. Along the highways, there's restareas where they have clean, heated and lockable toilets as well as roofed fire places.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

Expensive. The further north you go, the more expensive.

If you can, bring some food from the south (especially other countries).

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Perfectly edible and tasty walnuts noix de grenoble thrown away and waiting to be saved

Also Norway has great dumpster-diving opportunities and it's easy to solely rely on that. In Kiwi you can go on a hunt for vegetables or fruits that simply differ from others, then show the ones you found to the employees and eventually get the "proper" or new product - and sometimes even the "bad" looking one - for free. Also the cinnamon and vanilla buns are worth checking if they are expired, usually there is at least one bag amongst them - or ten. You however do get any expired product for free if you find it in Kiwi. As the supermarket does not want you to profit too much from it, you can barely find other things within the store nowadays. Furthermore the Norwegian government passed a new law in July 2014 according to which supermarkets are actually not allowed to give out expired products anymore. Kiwi seems to have a kind of special policy though. A few supermarkets and gas stations around smaller towns, especially further up North, will however still allow you to take their expired products if you are lucky.


You can get free computer plus internet access in every public library.


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Busking on the most northern troll of continental Europe

Busking in Norway is extremely rentable. Local currency (and coins) is very worthy and people are generally very wealthy.

Except for Oslo that tend to be quite overcrowded with thousands of buskers, all the rest of cities it's a very good option.

The more you will go North and the less people (and buskers) there will tend to be (except for some weird reason for Tromsø).

You can definitely earn more than a usual average income and save money for many months (years?) traveling busking in Norway, as in many other Scandinavian countries like Denmark


Norway is part of Europe (not EU) and Schengen Agreement. Oslo is the capital of Norway, you will find most embassies and consulates there.


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