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==See also==
==See also==

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There can be various reasons for people to travel, or live as nomads, change their living place more or less frequently. This page may serve for gathering main concepts, reasons and insights about this way of life and materials connected to it. (If you find some of the content duplicate here, please provide link or fix it. Thanks.)


What motivates people to long term travel lifestyle?

  • Wanderlust, need to explore
  • Looking for new experiences
  • Seeking spiritual wisdom
  • Learning practically
  • Meeting new people, creating new connections
  • Escape from previous life (work, study)
  • Unability to stay in one place for longer
  • Enjoying randomness and chaos
  • More? Your motivation?

Philosophical concepts

Traveling thinkers


Garrett Lisi is a theoretical physicist and surfer who developed An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything and explains at the end of his TED Talk how he lived as nomad while developing his theory.

Traveling spiritual leaders



Siddhartha Gautama Buddha





See also