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QLD in Australia map.png

Queensland (Qld) is the second-largest and third-most populous state in Australia with 4,5 million inhabitants. Brisbane is its capital.

(Try to keep everything from North to South to make it easier for people!)

Around Cairns

  • Douglas track is a nice walk in a cool tropical style forest located in the Barron Gorge National Park.
  • Emerald Creek falls are some remote falls, but you need to take a dirt road in not really good state in order to arrive there.
  • Lake Tinaroo is a huge lake with a lot of campsites. You could quite easily free camp but be careful cause rangers come from time to time.

On the A1 between Cairns and Rockhampton

  • Jourama waterfalls are really cool, you can swim and there is a campsite. Rangers come probably every day (?) to check.
  • Finch Hatton gorge are some really cool gorges to swim and walk. And you can sleep on the parking space, rangers don't come too much.

On the A1 between Rockhampton and Brisbane

  • A few kilometers away from Rainbow Beach (above Noosa Heads), you can sleep in Sarawak Campground for one or two nights. You have to pay but it is possible to avoid it.

Around Brisbane

On the A1 between Brisbane and the victorian border (Coolangatta)