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Name reset society[[name::reset society|]]
Type OpenEcoLab
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[[coordinates::36.7343,-4.2746|]] [[Latitude::36.7343|]] [[Longitude::-4.2746|]]

reset society is a OpenEcoLab[[type::OpenEcoLab|]] in In city::Malaga[[located in::Malaga|]] , Rincón de la Victoria[[located in::Rincón de la Victoria|]] (In country::Spain)[[located in::Spain|]].

Where: In Andalusia, taking advantage of its excellent weather, low housing costs and favourable political climate, along with a broad network of contacts some founders have there. More specifically: in a quiet and lovely district of Rincón de la Victoria, a small coastal town close to Malaga on the Costa del Sol. There we can enjoy at the same time the luxury of a peaceful environment with both beach and mountains easily accessible by foot as well as the liveliness of Malaga and its international community. Malaga is also connected by highspeed trains and direct flights to many European cities, making it easy to travel to and from Spain and Europe.



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The plan

  • "We rent a large house with a garden and we use some of the available space to develop several activities: vegetable garden, chicken coop, aquaponics, energy production, hackspace..."
  • "We buy some land or rent a space and use it to build open source construction and agriculture machinery, that we then use to build an aquaponics greenhouse as well as some utilities and habitable buildings. We can organise workshops, design and build larger buildings, etc."
  • "We have a few other ideas that we would like to give life to, such as sustainable ocean farming or an accelerator for open sources businesses"

"Although we have several things in common with hippie villages or communities since our project was inspired by those. This is however not what we want to build because we want a to live in a place that is easily accessible, i.e. that doesn’t require a private vehicle nor spending >1h in a bus to go to a city or a transport hub.

They also often are synonym of rejecting modern technology, whereas we love modern technology and are convinced that if well used, it can bring the solutions we need to reduce our environmental footprint as well as social injustice." about