South Korea

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Compared to some other Asian countries, it is not common for the local people in South Korea to invite travellers to their homes. A tent is useful. Finding a place to sleep just outside of cities can sometimes be difficult, as this is a densely populated country and often the outskirts of one city are simply the beginning of another city. However, there are rural places that are easy to reach from city centres, such as the mountains outside of Seoul. The pine tree forest in Paju’s Gamaksan and Mokgye forest in North Chungcheong Province are seen as the best (car) camping sites in Korea to be surrounded by nature.

If you don't mind sleeping in the streets, city parks are very good option, being central with clean toilets nearby. The only problem is that Koreans love their early morning sports. In cities you can usually find a Korean sauna (jjimjilbang) with a sleeping room for a few dollars.

Koreans, even though they are shy, do invite people to their homes and it is common. Because of their harsh history feel the need to help a stranded traveler, even more so if you have a bit of a story to tell.

There are lots of places that build as a shelter that can protect you with rain, toilets are free and you can fill your bottle with hot or cold water almost in all convenient stores.

Many Internet cafes are 24/7, and some offer private booths to snooze, showers, access to comics, manga and DVDs. This is often very prevalent across South Korea.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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  • Citizens from most countries in Europe, South and North America don't need a visa beforehand when going to South Korea.
  • The border to North Korea is closed.
  • The ferry crossing (from Busan) to Japan is quite easy, as all the customs and immigration people speak English. Ferries to several places in China leave from Incheon.


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