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Canberra might be the official capital in Australia, but Sydney is by far more capital-looking. 4,4 million people make this city being the biggest of New South Wales and the country just before Melbourne and Brisbane. The city really has a 'capital vibe' and often you will be told by locals that people of Sydney are arrogant! And they may have a reason to be, because Sydney's natural beauty ranks it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

From the bush surrounding it's incredible natural harbour, to the many clean surf beaches, to it's favourable climate (think Valencia in Spain as an example), to World Heritage National Parks in the Blue Mountains, it really is a place for those who like getting outside. Sydney and Melbourne provide an interesting and often quoted comparison. Melbourne has an incredible arts and cultural scene that does surpass Sydney's, however it takes a long time to get out of the city and into somewhere beautiful. Sydney's cultural scene has improved a lot over the last 10 years, and from the CBD it's a 30 minute trip to the surf beaches of the Eastern Suburbs (Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Clovelly, Gordons Bay, Coogee, Maroubra, La Perouse), each with it's own personality. Or there's the beaches of the harbour like Redleaf, Nielson Park and Milk Bay.

There's often a temptation to think of Sydney as the CBD, the Northern Suburbs and the Eastern Suburbs, but Sydney extends out West some 60 kilometres, with many culturally diverse communities. Suburbs like Lakemba, Cabramatta, Auburn, Parramatta, Strathfield, Haberfield, are home to large communities of Lebanese, Vietnamese, Sudanese, Afghani, Iranian, Italian, Croatian and many more. It is all well accessed by train and is an important part of seeing what Australia is. The food is also exceptional and cheaper here.

The CIty of Sydney's motto is the 'City of Villages'. This is very true, as close to the CBD there are very distinct areas or villages. They each have their own character, and unfortunately aren't well connected by public transport. Buses are often the only way to get around, and they can take a long time.

The Inner West (particuarly Newtown and Marrickville but also Glebe) has been one of the main alternative culture centres of the city, with a lot of interesting people, live music and arts. There is an underground warehouse scene in Marrickville that has hosted some epic parties.

The Inner East (Darlinghurst, Kings Cross, Paddington, Surry Hills) are also close to the city and are areas with a lot of money. Kings Cross is well known as a party destination, and the red-light district of Sydney, but has been in decline since new laws restricted opening hours. If you want to get wasted go to 'The Cross', but there are many better pubs and clubs around Darlinghurst, Newtown, and increasingly the CBD.

The Eastern Suburbs are a big collection of beach areas. There is a lot of money here, but as you go further south, (Coogee, Maroubra, La Perouse) there are a lot less dogs in handbags, beautiful people and fakery.


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Accommodation & Wild Camping

Coogee Beach facing the beach, there is a small park on the left, that is a large walking path following the sea. You might want to give a try there, One nomad with 3 other people did it one night without problem. Still it's extremely public place.

Shower & swiming

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Lentils as Anything offers yummy vegan & vegetarian food for donation price. You can eat for free, but remember that they survive thanks to a good balance of donation.


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Cool Places

Blue Mountains are some nice mountains that you can access driving a few hours from Sydney. Some places there are really touristic, some not at all and offer great walk

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