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Hey Luna! How are you?

I saw that you changed some stuff on the New-Zealand page, as well as deleted other, like some jokes that I think give a nice touch. For me Nomadwiki shouldn't be just a serious website for some serious travelling, it is not Wikipedia or Wikivoyage. It is much nicer to read if there is some humour, some personality in the article. I agree that some jokes might be too much or incomprehensible ha ha, but they can be put in another way, more understandable. What do you think about it? (I ask you your opinion as well as a general matter on Nomadwiki, not only related to the NZ page)

As well, you deleted two things, not related to humour. One about policemen, that if they catch you while doing wild camping, they are mostly nice and will give you another chance. I think it's a good info. And the second one is about shoplifting, which I think, even though all arguable aspects, is a good info to write for travellers. All travellers have different opinions about respecting the law or not, some even think it is ethical to steal in supermarkets. It is a piece of information like any other for the traveller. Is it ok for you if I put it back?

Peace, Arthur

Thanks Luna and Arthur for working on that article! I added the bit about shoplifting back there with a disclaimer: — remember that Nomadwiki accommodates very different opinions and travel styles and we should all respect each other's opinions/styles. -Mikael (talk) 13:48, 17 September 2015 (CEST)