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* [www.wagendorf.de Wagendorf].
* [http://www.wagendorf.de Wagendorf].
* [http://en.squat.net/weblinks/deutschland/ Squat!net].
* [http://en.squat.net/weblinks/deutschland/ Squat!net].

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Spaces in Germany that emerged after the Second World War, when refugees could park their mobile trailers and caravans, given they had no other accommodation. Given that they are free, they are distinct from trailer parks or campsites. They are located primarily in Germany, and can be found in the United Kingdom where such sites are used by New Age Travellers.


These cars villages reemerged in the mid-1980s, in parallel to the squatter scene. Such spaces or trailer villages are tolerated by the landowners and authorities, but are constantly in danger of being evicted. Residents outlook is associated with a "phase out consumption-oriented society" and a "step towards self-determined life", but also as a way of mobile life.


United Kingdom

The trailer scene is linked to the new age traveller movement.