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Adhoc infrastructure is established in temporary situations during temporary assemblies camping, open spaces, festivals, emergency situations.

When people lack the satisfaction of basic needs personal habits are used to set up temporary infrastructure. This method is inherently connected with sharing.

Infrastructure is created spontaneously more often in cultures with less central organisation structures. If people are used, that anyone else will do it, the usual mode is to wait a bit. Contrary in situations when they are alone, or waiting is no option, the need leads to creativity. This process can be facilitated by provided usually needed goods (e.g. carton, wood, pencils for signs).

During assemblies without formal hierarchies everyone is a host of their own and others. People share common interests and start communicating about it either directly or via infoboards.

Camps are usally a mixture of central organisation as usually someone is responsible for the place or invited others, after time however participants start to feel at home and develop new infrastructure based on their needs. When special equipment is need (like pots for cooking) anyone needs to share personal property, or the group can decide to cooperate in acquiring necessary goods.

Typical adhoc infrastructure on camps aim to satisfy basic needs:

  • signs for orientation
  • dinner preparation for common food
  • Collecting wood / fireplace for warmth and an atmosphere to share stories
  • Dish washing basins with hot and clean water
  • Common laundry baskets
  • groups for shopping, dumpster diving, table diving