Alg-A Lab

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Name Alg-A Lab[[name::Alg-A Lab|]]
Type hackbase
Website URL::
Email URL::lab
Last visit never update
Location Way Church, 254. Valadares-Vigo
36314 Pontevedra


[[coordinates::42.1776,-8.7242|]] [[Latitude::42.1776|]] [[Longitude::-8.7242|]]

Alg-A Lab is a hackbase[[type::hackbase|]] in In city::Pontevedra[[located in::Pontevedra|]] , Valladares[[located in::Valladares|]] (In country::Spain)[[located in::Spain|]].

A cultural experimental lab underway since 2008. The property of 3000m2 is under a 10 year assignment. The aim is to offer the Alg-Lab as a remedy available to a distributed network of different people, communities and agencies (primarily related to art, free technology, to architecture, education and permaculture) interested in space for use and cooperative management. Meanwhile try to experiment and learn different ways of self-management and collaborative organisation, inspired by the dynamic spread of free culture and in P2P networks. Stay + board possible.


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