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Aswan is the big city the most south of Egypt and one of the gateways to Sudan.


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Buses cost 0,75EGP, but the guy taking the money might not have change, or make you believe he doesn't, so you sometimes pay 1EGP. With the local motor boat crossing the Nile to the Nubian village costs 1EGP and they try often to fool you. Don't give up, or just jump in the boat if they insist. The boat is taken just at the level of the railway station: from the station, walk to the Nile and go down the stairs.

Getting out

There is train connection to the North (Luxor, Cairo, ...), and it's pretty cheap.

If you want to go to Sudan there are buses going, and a boat is going every sunday, both are going to Wadi Halfa. Read nore about going to Sudan on the Visa section of the Sudan page.

For both directions hitchhiking is possible.


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There are some very cheap hotel, but they don't allow non-Egyptians. The cheapest found in July 2015 was 70EGP for two people, with access to internet at the groundfloor.

Nubian style

A very nice option is to take the boat to the Nubian side, west of the Nile. Once on the other side, walk north until you find a place to pitch a tent or simply sleep outside. Nubians are really cool relaxed (still, ask before if you can and if it is for free), but don't leave value stuff cause you never know who might pass by, could be a kid from the village that doesn't realize what he is doing.

You can wash in the Nile, and if you look for toilets, there are free public ones at the level where the boat arrives, not far from the main asphalt road and the entry of the touristic site.

Walking north 10-15 minutes there is a square where a guy is currently making some lodges (July 2015). He is willing to let backpackers stay in exchange for a bit of help.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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Not far from the train station there is a cheap a good falafel for 1EGP each. From the train station, walk to the Nile and it should be the second (or third?? Can someone confirm?) on your left. It is then 30 meters further, on your left.

If you want to buy bread there are several bakeries, you can find one if you take the street on the right of the train station going to the centre of the town. They will always try to make you pay more. Normal price should be around 3EGP for 10 pita breads.

To buy alcohol there is only one shop where it's possible. It's called "Free Shop" and it's at the south end of Corniche (the river side street).

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Aswan.

Hotels will probably be your best shot.


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Getting to Sudan

If you want to go to Sudan by land, read the Sudan page.