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Athens is a vibrant college town in the northeast section of the state Georgia. Athens is known for its prolific music scene, for its nightlife and bar scene, and for being the home of the University of Georgia. Athens is also known as a highly transient town, and, as such, hitchhikers and trainhoppers alike frequently visit. Like many college towns, Athens contains a number of free resources to aid travelers.


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If you're looking for a free place to sleep during finals or on a week night, you can snooze in one of the comfy chairs in the SLC. Its especially easy if you look like a student. Students have been known to take advantage of it after drinking downtown and not being able to drive back home. Outdoors on campus is also a nice place to stay if its not raining and you can find a hiding spot from the campus police.

For those who enjoy dumpster diving, Earthfare (large, regional organic grocer), Papa John's (pizza), and Dunkin' Donuts throw away an enormous amount of edible food. These stores can be found at 1689 South Lumpkin Street, 489 Baxter Street, and 771 Prince Avenue, respectively.

Athens Food Not Bombs also currently serves free food three days a week: Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, and Saturday at 2pm. Servings take place in front of The Grill in College Square, downtown.

The squat previously mentioned as being 136 Elizabeth St. doesn't actually exist anymore, it's just new houses.

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Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Athens (Georgia).

The University Library and Student Learning Center (SLC) both offer free computer use and internet access to the public.


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