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Name Aurora community[[name::Aurora community|]]
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[[coordinates::45.6333,22.5953|]] [[Latitude::45.6333|]] [[Longitude::22.5953|]]

Aurora community is in In city::Hunedoara[[located in::Hunedoara|]] , Lunca Cernii[[located in::Lunca Cernii|]] (In country::Romania)[[located in::Romania|]].

Aurora Community is located approximately 50km South from Hunedoara, Romania.

  • "Aurora Circle consists of a group of people motivated by a deep will to support Aurora Community and the emergence of other intentional communities in Romania"
  • "Launched in August 2013, Terra Livre is the heart project of Aurora Community and it works as a fundraising platform to buy and free endangered fores"
  • "The first event in Aurora and the first edition of the Communities Convergence, happened in June 2013 ..."

Visits: we are a community free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Aurora is open for visitors and volunteers from the beginning of April until the end of October. If you wish to visit Aurora, contact us at least with 1 week in advance. Please wait for confirmation so we can provide the best conditions for your stay. Accommodation is in personal tents.

"May all the particles of the Universe, even the darkest spots, be permeated by Love.

May the Light shine on this Planet through the quiet mind and pure hearts of Man and may the Divine Plan be restored on Earth. "


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