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There's a Namdhari Sangat of Thailand Sikh temple near Sukhumvit MRT station [13.73733N, 100.5611E] where you can get free food between 9am and 11.30am and 6/6.30pm to 9/9.30pm. To find it, locate the exit of the station that is in the North along Thanon Montri Rd., turn right and walk some hundred meters. The temple is on your right, you can recognise it by the Indians dressed in white that are hanging out on the square before it. Keep in mind that you should cover your head (also as a male) and also show your reverence by going into the room on your right and bowing to all the spiritual men and all the pictures of spiritual men in this room. When you leave it, you'll be rewarded with a sweet :-) afterwards just hang out in the main hall until somebody notices you; they'll know you're there for the food. After the meal you're expected to wash your dishes. In this temple, there's always people sleeping as well, so if you charm them they might let you crash with them for a couple of nights as well.


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