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Public transport

The Barcelona public transport system consists of an underground metro, trams, area trains, and buses. Day passes are a little more than 5 euro, and cover the whole transport system, buses, trams, metro, and area trains (Rodalies and FGC). Single passes are for the metro only, and cost eur 2.00 The best deal is the T-10, which is 10 rides for eur 9 - 0.90 per ride. These tickets will also let you into the RENFE system, but you risk getting controlled if you go very far (more than 2 hours or so).

The entrances sometimes have turnstiles and sometimes have sliding electronic gates. It is possible to jump or slide underneath, or climb over the electronic gates. If you get caught your risk is 40-100 euro - if you're not able to talk your way out of it. Control happens sometimes at the exits of stations, very rarely on the trains.

On the stations with electronic gates, the best options is to wait for somebody to pass through a gate with a ticket, and walk directly behind them. This way you can across the gate. Sometimes, if you don do it quickly enough, a short buzzing alarm might activate, but this is largely ignored.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

Hospitality exchange networks have many members in Barcelona, however, you have to plan your stay well ahead since it is quite a popular destination.

There is strong squatting culture in Barcelona and there are many squats, even in the city center. Stick around La Ramble area and talk to the people who are busking with music or magic outside the terraces.

  • Shower: Carrer de Marie Curie 22 (metro Lluckmajor ) pick up number 8:00-10:00 each workday and shower from 10:00-12:00 and Av. Meridiana 197 (metro Navas) pick up number at 16:00 each workday to shower next morning.

Options include sleeping on the beach, in parks, nearby hills, roofs of buildings and elsewhere. Note that parks in Barcelona close at night, and may not be that easy to get into one.

Parks and hills

  • Ciutadella park is closed at night, but may be accessed by the entrance facing the Arc de Triomf. The bars of the fence near the gate are wide enough to slip through if you're not very big. You're unlikely to be disturbed during the night but the Police might wake you up after 8am and ask you to move on. Another user got inside and pitched a tent. It is safer if you are not alone. Lot of criminals and junkies also sleep there dont talk and dont trust anyone. Attach your bag to tree with rope when you sleep.
  • Sleep in a small park just in front of the Cosmo Caixa Museum where you can easy use a tent. By public transport, you can get the L7 to the end Av. Tibidabo, than walk 5 minutes direction top of the hill, turn on the Carrer d'Isaac Newton just before the bridge on the left and continue. You will find this huge building, with a big submarine in front of it. When you have museum on your back, submarine on your right, there is some stairs in front of you, between entrance of museum and submarine, you will see the main door of this park after few stairs, it might be close if its late, so you can go to the top of this stairs, than jump on the left side, go under the stairs to the other side, and there is the spot. 2 options: (1) near the bench, better for the ground, but you might be visible at the morning, and woke up by a guardian; (2) right after geting out from under the stairs, the ground is shitty, you might need good stake to setup your tent, mostly in windy time, from there, the guy who open the door at the morning, can't see you, and he don't go into the park at all, so you can sleep till late!
  • Take the metro from "Placa de Catalunya" to Canyelles station, walk about 200 yards uphill from the station and find some nice hills to camp/sleep out/hang a hammock in. Can be hard to climb and find clean/flat surface in night!!!
  • Take a late train to the park in the North-West of Barcelona. For example, you can take the S2 to Sabadell (ticket zone 1) leaving from Plaça de Catalunya and getting off at Baixador de Vallvidrera: there is a big park which is nearly like a forest, and you will find a very good and lonesome place to stay within 500 meters from the station.
  • Parc de la Pau - small and clean park next to the beatch (15 min from metro to station Besos Mar, next to Dechatlon shop, street Career de la Pau)... expect beautifull sunrise and enjoy morning swim!
  • With tent you can try to camp next to Camp De Futbol Canyelles (metro Valldaura and next to Institut Escola artístic Oriol Martorel, street Camí Antic de Sant Llàtzer)
  • Sarrià-Sant Gervasi - Parc Serra de Collserola, nice park in luxury district of Barcelona. You can get here by bus 131 (bus stop Esteve Terradas - Pl Alfonso Comin). Near is a petrol station, you walk up to the park around 15-25 minutes and you can find a nice place for hammock (nice view at whole Barcelona included). But be aware of boars, we met one during the night.

Other places

  • Sleep by the roundabout of the Colom monument near the port at the end of Las Ramblas, although the traffic nearby can be quite noisy. You can sleep near statues of lions and as long as you are low-key about it, both police and locals probably won't disturb your stay. Hitchhiker Zac did this is October 2006 and had no problems with thieves, but discretion is wise nonetheless.
  • Port Vell area: There is a fantastic spot to sleep near Port Vell, at a place called La Rambla del Mar. To get there, follow Las Ramblas all the way to the bottom end, go past the columbus column in the direction of the water. You will come to a wooded 'deck' kind of area where a lot of tourists pass. There is a large, old square building here, the port police station, and next to it there is a big carpark. About 20 metres passed the end of the carpark there is a small wooden looking building that the hot dog vendors in the area use for supplies. and there are 3 more further on down the port vell area, just keep walking and you'll see them. It has a garage style door on the front. On the top of this there is a large white canvas tent, that looks kind of like a teepee, you cant miss it. It might be hard with just one person, but its easy to get on the roof of the building with 2 people, under the tent thing. Its warm, dry, out of sight and the tourists or police wont notice you if youre careful. Jugglehitch and 3 friends slept here for 1 week (in 2001, the structure may not be there anymore), with no hassle from anyone. A bit dusty, but perfect in every other way.
  • Banks which have ATM lobbies are great for sleeping rough in the centre of Barcelona. You will usually find other homeless people/ travellers/ junkies sleeping there too. You need to swipe the bank card to open the door but you can wait for someone going in to take money out, or tap on the window if there is someone already there, to let you in.

Sleeping in empty or occupied buildings and rooftops

Roofs and similar structures are quite fine sleeping places. Sleeping in abandoned houses is recommendable although it is considered a crime, "trespassing" unless you have a banner with the squatting "N" hanging from a balcony, window etc. The cops are going to put this down and inform the landlord. If they do not want you to stay and if you have been there for less than a week they can evict you right away. So in case you want to stay somewhere for less than a week having a banner is most likely not worth the hassle... You can just stay in a squat that has already gone through the registration process. Most of those houses are in Barcelona.

Sleep safe

When staying on the beach in Barcelona, you may notice thieves. They walk around and observe people on the beach for hours before stealing anything. Even though they aren't usually hostile or confrontational, they can steal clothes off your back while you're asleep. The only sure way to keep your things safe is to bury it in the sand and sleep on top of it. Sleeping with your head on your bag is just not enough.
These thieves are very professional, and they look for people sleeping rough not just on the beach but in the central districts too. Drumroots slept rough many nights in the centre and although he got lucky most times, one night a thief almost managed to walk off with all his stuff. He woke up just in time to scare the thief into dropping his stuff and running off.

Wild boars are abundant in Barcelona, there are hundreds of them. A user was using the canyelles option for 3 nights but I don't have any reason to believe that it's different in Sadabell. i don't know if i would recommend anyone to sleep there... if you want to do this i wrote some general tips that will help you to stay alive but i think you should read more about wild boars because if anything will happen you would wish you knew more.. like i did in the first night ;-) however it's your responsibility.

  1. Stay away from the canes. this is where they live and sometimes they spend the night there.
  2. Don't take food to your place.
  3. Don't provoke wild boars! They unafraid of humans. If something happens, back off slowly.
  4. Wild boar usually don't attack unless they feel threatened. They will probably stay away from you but they will come to sniff your tent once you're inside... I did nothing and they went away...
  5. It's best if you stay next to a tree that you can climb on if anything happens.
  6. If you see a mother and her cubs stay the fuck away.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.
  • Parròquia de Sant Agusti (Carrer de l'Arc de Sant Agustí, metro Liceu) healty food each day except thursday at 10:15. Come half hour earlier to pick up number. Except poor and sketchy people here.

Shower & swiming

Free showers at beach with cold water :) Free hot shower and clothes Carrer de Marie Curie 22 (metro Lluckmajor ) or Av. Meridiana 197 (metro Navas)

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Barcelona.
  • There is public wifi in many places, check this map
  • Free wireless and Apple demo computers with limited internet access at Apple Store (Plaza Catalunya)
  • CCCB (Carrer Montalegre 5) is a good place to get wifi. It's in the center, the time is not limited and you have comfortable pillows there. Open Tuesday - Friday 15.00-20.00, Saturday and Sunday 11.00-20.00


Terrible city for busking. If they catch you they do things like take your instrument away (an actual experience with that of one user: as I tried to play in the small street of the old town in 2015, they were rather peaceful, just told me that it's prohibited and when I asked if it's in all Barcelona, they said yes, so I packed and left, that's all. I think they approached me even before I started playing even though it was calm and narrow street). It is possible to get a permit but it's pretty tricky and the competition is very professional. It is possible to busk without getting in trouble in the outer city areas, and also late at night along the big boulevard that goes between the rambla and barceloneta beach, and at the entrance of the parc de la ciutadella, or parc guel. but you are better off earning a bit extra before you arrive. there are often super grand jam sessions around the cathedral (in the gothic sector) very late at night! but again watch out for the police. they are the worst.

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